Racolin GRP Palisade fencing has been developed as an alternative to steel palisade fencing due to its non-conductive properties. In appearance it looks very similar to the steel palisade fencing and it has been designed as close as possible to BS1722 part 12: 2006 (though due to the nature of GRP a it is not possible to conform completely). It is supplied in kit form for site assembly and is put together in a similar method to that of its steel equivalent.




Pales:      Pultruded top hat profiles at 150mm centres with either a single point top or flat top.

Rails:       2 or 3 Pultruded angle section rails to which the pails are fixed to using M8 coach bolts and snap-off anti-tamper cone shaped sheer nuts.

Posts:      Pultruded ‘I’ bean sections for either casting into the ground or surface mounting with steel bases. The posts are available in the following configurations: Intermediate, End, Corner or Gate type. A single point can be provided at the top of the post if required (please specify if required)

Gates:     Available in single leaf gates up to 3m wide or double leaf gates up to 6m wide. The gates are hung on heavy duty polymer hinges which have an optional self-closing setting. The gates also include a sliding latch which is suitable for use with a standard pad lock and drop-bolts to secure in both open and closed position, which are also lockable.

Height:    The Racolin GRP palisade fence system is manufactured to order and therefore can be supplied in any height up to 3m high including (but not limited to) standard heights 1.5m, 1.8m, 2.0m, 2.1m, 2.4m, 2.7m and 3.0m

Widths:    Any width up to 2.75m as standard, but wider width can be accommodated using heavier duty section for the rails and posts.

Colour:     All configurations are available in grey and we now stock pails, rails and cast-in type post in green


Racolin palisade fencing was initially designed to replace steel palisade fence panels in a boundary fence at a Scottish Power station and since then has been used at many Power stations as well as substations and various Network Rail sites around the UK.

GRP Palisade Fencing

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