GRP Platforms & GRP Staircases

Racolin have manufactured platforms, walkways, staircases, scaffold towers, lean-to platforms, bridges and many more bespoke products. They are manufactured using GRP structural sections combined with our full range of products found elsewhere on this web site.

We offer full AutoCAD design drawings, which are produced for approval prior to manufacture and where possible, we conform to all necessary British Standards.

When it is practical, we assemble all structures in our factory, to ensure a perfect fit on site.

Key features:

The Pultruded Structural Sections:

A wide range of pultruded sections are available for either structural or general use:

Common Sections include:

200x200x10mm wide Flange beam

150x150x10mm wide Flange beam

200x100x9.5mm ‘I’beam

150x75x6mm ‘I’beam

280x70x12mm channel section

200x60x8mm channels section

150x50x6mm channel section

51x3.2mm square box section

44x6mm square box section

75x10mm equal angle section

50x6mm equal angle section

38x33mm circular section*

* For handrail tube, a pullwound circular section is used for additional stiffness

All pultruded sections conform to:

BS EN 13706 Part 1: 2002

BS EN 13706 Part 2: 2002

BS EN 13706 Part 3: 2002

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